Activity 1: Critique of an Article or Chapter

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Activity 1: Critique of an Article or Chapter


You are required to reflect on and critique an article about a topic related to the course content, and to comment on how the article applies to a school or university you have attended.  A chapter in a book can also be used in place of the article with the approval of your instructor.  In such a case some modifications have to be made in the rubrics and steps such as replacing the word article with the word chapter.


The steps you should take to complete this activity are:

  • You will find an article which is published in an academically referred journal to read.
  • Write the title of the article and attach it or its URL link to your assignment.
  • Read and summarize the article.
  • Reflect on two main ideas from the article and critique them.
  • Comment on whether you think the two main ideas apply to a school or university you have attended, giving examples to illustrate the links you make between theory and reality.
  • Use correct English grammar and spelling
  • Correctly reference the article in APA style.
  • Attach a copy of the article to your critique before handing in.

Please note: The critique should be no more than 2 pages in total, including the reference list.



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