Adolescent Confidentiality in Therapy

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Adolescent Confidentiality in Therapy
Answer each question with 150 words each and use at least one scholarly source for each question.

1. What are special considerations around confidentiality within an adolescent/child’s group? How would you approach these in a group of adolescents or children?

A counselor should understand that dealing with teen confidentiality is very crucial as far as the counseling success is concerned. Issues such as whether to share/ disclose the information shared by the adolescents with their parents/ guardians or not should be specifically considered. According to…Continue Reading….

2. You are leading a group of adolescents referred because of school, behavior, and/or substance use. Describe an opening exercise and a trust-building exercise you might use with this group. Explain your choice. Adolescent Confidentiality in Therapy


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