Assignment 2 – Article Summary

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Assignment 2 – Article Summary

Assignment 2 is to write a summary of one of the reading selection on pages 629-647 of your textbook Inquiry, 4th edition.

To get started:

  • Textbook A Writer’s Reference: View page 63 and the green box on the top of page 64 in your textbook A Writer’s Reference. These pages will help you understand how to summarize.
  • Carefully consider the content of the reading selection found on pages 629-647of your textbook Inquiry. You will need to determine the central idea and the supporting points.
  • Use pages 69-77 in your textbook Inquiry, 4th edition, to guide you as you Prepare for this assignment; however, remember  summarize pages 629-647of Inquiry, 4th edition, for your assignment (don’t get confused here).


What reading selection should students use when completing this assignment?

  • Agustin Fuentes’ From The Myth of Race found on pages  629-647  of Inquiry, 4th edition.

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