Assignment 3 Individual task

Assignment 3 Individual task

Principles of professional practice for employability

Each student submits a reflective writing piece of 700 words (not including your references) on their team experience.

Ensure you reference a minimum of three sources.The theories of teamwork should be used to analyse the team processes.

The writing should include future plans for improvement/development in team work.

Your reflection must incorporate the following headings:

Group description e.g. members (use pseudonyms), meetings (e.g. times, locations, attendance)

My role

Others’ roles

Conflict in group and, if applicable, how the conflict was resolved

Leadership and decision making in the group

Ways that the group experience worked well and ways it could have been improved

Under each heading interpret and evaluate what occurred, according to the theory covered in the lectures/classes. Apart from group roles (both positive and negative), conflict (including mapping and resolving), leadership, and decision making, you may also want to refer to communication styles, communication barriers, non-verbal communication, and any cultural aspects. Assignment 3 Individual task

What You Need to Do:

Incorporate relevant theory to critically reflect on your experience. Ensure you include the information under all of the headings listed above.

Consider how to structure your reflective writing.

Read this Reflective Writing Guide Preview the documentand use your tutor’s feedback from your Assignment 1.

Reflective writing assignments generally have 4 sections;

Description – describe the situation

Interpretation – interpret what occurred according to the theory

Evaluation – evaluate how well things went according to theory predictions.

Recommendations – describe how the situation could have been altered or improved.

The difference when writing a reflection for Professional Practices (Assignment 3 Part 2) compared to some other subjects, is that you must include references to the theory that you use to interpret or evaluate the situation. All of the theory on the relevant topic is covered in class. Your tutor may even indicate which topics will probably be useful to complete assignments – if you are listening! This means if you have described a group project in the first paragraph, you will need to interpret what occurred according to what you have understood of the topics covered in the course in the next paragraphs. There is a presumption you will use your eText and possibly the lectures to interpret and evaluate what happened. (Note, you need at least 3 good quality sources for each PP assignment and marks will be deducted if there are not enough, so you will have to find one more source of your own.)


Individual Reflective Writing


There are 5 members in our group, in this essay will use student A, B, C, D for pseudonyms. We had 2 meetings for group assignment, the first meeting I did not attend because I was sick, the second meeting we assignation works and summary of discussion and decision.

My role

My individual work is writing the introduction and find 2 academic sources.

Others’ roles

Student A in charge of body paragraph 1, student B in charge of body paragraph 2, student C in charge of body paragraph 3 and student D in charge of conclusion. Assignment 3 Individual task

Leadership and decision making in the group

The leader of our group is student B. During the decision making was easy, my group members are willing to share their opinion let our assignment become better.


Ways that the group experience worked well and ways it could have been improved

As I mentioned, my group members did well on communication, and they all have a positive attitude for work on the assignment. The only thing needs to improve is we should finish the group assignment earlier; finish group assignment could let both of us have more time to think about which part need to fix or replace.

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