Background Information and Scenario

Background Information and Scenario

During your studies at Monroe College you are taking classes to learn about/within your major course of study as preparation to enter your future career. As you progress in your major you have probably read about incidents in print/online newspapers or magazines that make you question decisions/policies within your future industry.

When you learn about these incidents you think to yourself: “this could have been prevented”, “it could have been handled better”, “why don’t they develop a policy to prevent this from happening?”, “isn’t there a more efficient way to handle this?” – the list of questions could be endless.

For example, as a criminal justice major you may have read articles about domestic violence victims who refuse to press charges against his/her/their abuser and then are murdered. Maybe you thought to yourself: “Why wasn’t the abuser arrested even though the victim didn’t want to press charges”?

Your thought process actually questions police policy.

Your formal report will explore an issue in your industry and will require that you recommend solutions to address the problem/issue though a recommendation report. In order to begin the project, this week you will locate ONE newspaper/magazine article via the Internet about a recent incident in your industry.

Next, in two paragraphs, you will write a summary of the article AND identify the issue the incident raises about your industry (employee turnover, criminal recidivism, nurse staffing levels, etc.). Be sure to refer to the website evaluation check list to determine if your Internet source is appropriate for academic use.

This report is not about a general issue in the world, in America, or in the workplace. It must an issue/incident that is specific to your future career industry.