Business Communications between Employees

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Business Communications between Employees

Please remember to number your answers clearly.  Do not forget to check the whole file to ensure you have read all the questions.  Most answers require explanation or support.  READ EVERY QUESTION THOROUGHLY TO ENSURE YOU HAVE EARNED ALL POSSIBLE POINTS.  For chapters 6-7 and 13, you may skip ONE question without penalty.  You are required to answer ALL “final exam/comprehensive” questions.” This means that when you are finished, you should have answered a total of twenty questions (three from each chapter and eleven review).  This makes it especially important that the answers you have chosen to write are clearly numbered.  It should be assumed that all questions have the preface, “according to class/the textbook,” so please answer within the context of our course, not general knowledge or a Google search.

Chapter 6: Interpersonal Communication at Work

  1. what is the name of the theory that posits that the information we choose to self-disclose is determined based on our own rules?
  2. What is the difference between the formal communication network and the informal communication network?
  3. What is the term used to describe treating our coworkers with the same respect and attitude that we do others who need goods and services from our company?

Chapter 7: Strengthening Teams and Conducting Meetings

  1. What is the difference between norms and written rules for behavior?
  2. What are the five steps (included in our textbook) of Dewey’s Reflective Thinking Process?  Why is each step important?
  3. What is group think, what causes it, and how can you prevent it?
  4. What is meeting think, what causes it, and how can you prevent it?

 Chapter 14: Work-Life Balance

  1. Why is work-life balance important?
  2. What is the difference between a Type A and a Type B personality?  What stressors might be common or less common for each one?
  3. What are some ways you can use technology to improve your work-life balance?
  4. What is burnout and what causes it?

Comprehensive Final

  1. Please list and define three terms relevant to the communication model.
  2. What is the difference between the content layer and the relational layer when communicating?
  3. Define and describe one of the active listening tactics.
  4. Please describe things you should consider when writing an email.
  5. What is a memo and what is it used for?
  6. What are three things you should not include on your resume?
  7. Please describe the assimilation process on a new job and list two types of clues to the organizational culture you could look for.
  8. What are two pieces of advice for giving feedback to your employees (hint: incorporate a vocabulary term into each answer)?
  9. What are the four types of supporting material (identify and define)?
  10. What are important elements of introductions and conclusions?
  11. Describe an effective PowerPoint presentation for use while delivering a presentation.



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