Corporate Management Principles 

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Corporate Management Principles 


The HCL technologies was founded by a small group of engineers in 1976. The aim was to lead in the computer industry which they did until in the 1990s where competitors emerged. In 2005, they turned to Vineet Nayar who helped in bringing back the position of the industry where it was before.

Question 3

Nayar motivated the employees by improving the intranet which was used before hence connecting the employees (Technologies, 2016). For example, he used the Smart Service Desk tool where the employees could post their issues which the manager was supposed to address.

Nayar also came up with an initiative where managers were supposed to participate in 360-degree feedback where managers would seek reinforcement and criticism from their peers and superiors about their performance. This transformed how the employees thought and how they conducted themselves at the industry and Nayar encouraged the managers to give their results in a public platform. Corporate Management Principles 

He also introduced an initiative of ‘trust pay’ in which the employees would get 14000 rupees and a bonus of 6000 rupees. This was able to increase trust because the employees could trust the managers in giving good results (Singh, 2012). Managers expressed their faith in their employees that they would always deliver results.


Question 4

Employee development investment was important because it transformed the culture and operations in HCL technologies which transformed its competitiveness in the market (Patro, 2012).

The employee development was also important because it was able to build an engaged and motivated workforce hence enhancing employee motivation.

Employee development investment was important because it ensured transparency and it was able to change the culture and operations in the HCL technologies and this helped the industry gain a competitive advantage against their rivals.

This was also an important motivator because it led to creation of a more engaged and motivated workforce….Show More Content….


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