Discussion Question – Covid19 Pandemic

Discussion Question – Covid19 Pandemic


Covid-19 has significantly impacted businesses around the world. For this discussion question, please choose a company/brand (excluding companies from the case analyses), and share with the class how your chosen company/brand is adjusting their marketing strategies on the 7 Ps in this post-covid world. Please also include your recommendations for this company/brand to help them improve and grow their business.

Meet all of the four criteria:

  • Answer is clear, legible, and logical.
  • Answer has sufficient depth to answer the question (more than 300 words, excluding references).
  • Answer incorporates marketing concepts/theories and uses specific marketing examples to support the response.
  • APA citations and references are provided and are adequate. Note: Be sure to include and cite course material in the analysis to add depth and quality

Starbucks is the one of the most famous brands in the world as its known for coffee chain. During the covid-19 pandemic, it caused a lot of disruptions within the Starbucks brand causing aggressive move and differentiation within its competitors. During the times of covid-29 pandemic, the company was able to adapt with the disruptions due to the great opportunities which were created thus investing in relevant ways for competitive advantage and differentiation by use of 7ps of marketing strategies. Within the Starbucks, the 7ps used comprises some of the elements like people, promotions, physical evidence, product, price, place and process (John, 2017).  These 7ps of marketing strategies within the Starbucks have helped the company in reviewing and defining the key issues which have affected the company during the covid times for them to recover. With the company, they have used the product have helped the company to ensure that the quality, image and features branding and other features within the products they offer they are in point. After covid, the company has also ensured that they promote their products like the personal promotion, direct marketing, branding and marketing communications.  They have also ensured the prices they offer are favorable to the customers as they have constant discounts and other valued added elements which have led to gaining of many customers. For every element of 7ps, the company have made the marketing solutions in order to manage their challenges post covid and create the opportunities to grow the company (Annmarie, 2021). The process which they have been using ensures that all the barriers in the way will deliver the best customer value and people who are involved have the skill gaps. The company is having new partners which managed the existing partners in correct manner.


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