Future Career in Strategy and Global Finance

Future Career in Strategy and Global Finance

Case Study

Electro-Tech was formed in 2008 by combining the technical divisions of Mobilec and Novo-Tech.  Electro-Tech is one of the world’s leading suppliers of telecommunications systems. A multinational  company, Electro-Tech employs 21,000 people across 80 countries. In 2015, it sales exceeded £5  billion. Electro-Tech’s mission is to place world-wide telecommunications at the heart of every  business. It uses the latest technology to develop products and services that help its customers  improve their telecommunications functions.

To develop new products and services that can compete in the global telecommunications sector requires intensive research and development. To protect its investment, Electro-Tech obtains patents for its new products.

In 2015, Electro-Tech was faced with a major investment decision. As its TeleTech range moved  through its product lifecycle, the company was getting nearer to the maximum capacity for production. Electro-Tech could not produce more of the TeleTech range without investing in its production facilities. A proposal was put forward to expand production through a £150 million investment at the Atlantic site in Cornwall. The company had to decide whether increasing production would be financially viable and a worthwhile investment.

Task 1

For your interview, you will need to show that you have a proper understanding of strategy and
global finance.

  • Explain how the concept of globalization is linked to investment approaches, using examples from Electro-Tech and other global companies
  • Evaluate approaches to investment that two global businesses have adopted.

Task 2

  • Review two contrasting global business environment factors
  • Evaluate the impact of each factor on Electro-Tech’s operations

Task 3

  • Explain the potential investment decisions and strategies available to Electro-Tech’s  proposed Atlantic expansion project
  • Select and critically evaluate the optimum strategy

Task 4

For your interview, you need to reach a strategic decision about whether or not the Atlantic  expansion project should go ahead.

  • Explain the potential impact of your strategic decision on Electro-Tech’s operations
  • Evaluate the potential financial consequences that’s your strategic decision may have on the organisation

Task 5

  • Explain TWO global risks that Electro-Tech might be exposed to if they were to implement  the Atlantic expansion project
  • Evaluates TWO risk mitigation techniques that can be applied to the Atlantic expansion project
  • Evaluate the suitability of the two risk mitigation techniques you have selected for managing the global risks to Electro-Tech’s Atlantic expansion project

Assignment Word Count

Case study word count: 1500 words

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