Group Health Promotion Proposal Paper

Group Health Promotion Proposal Paper


The purpose of this assignment is to provide the learner an opportunity to design a health promotion proposal specific to your role specialization (primary care FNP).

Each group will write a scholarly paper that demonstrates graduate school level writing and critical analysis of existing nursing knowledge. The paper will be a minimum of 12 pages and maximum of 15 pages, using APA style.

Choosing Your Topic

Go to Healthy People 2030 ( Next click on the “Objectives and Data” tab and select a topic for your health promotion proposal. Select a specific objective from Healthy People 2030. For instance, if your topic area was “Older Adults” you may choose the following objective in the “Older Adults” section (click on the objectives tab):

  • Reduce the rate of hospital admissions for diabetes among older adults — OA‑05

Based on this objective you would develop a more specific evidence-based intervention such as teaching older adults how to manage their diabetes.

Gathering the Evidence

Besides the resources available in the topic areas of Healthy People 2030, visit South’s Online Library and conduct a review of literature looking for nursing research related to health promotion and disease prevention in your selected topic area. Also visit reputable internet sources such as the CDC, NINR, AHRQ.


  • Clearly describes the health promotion/disease prevention problem specific to the target population.
  • Explain how the selected problem applies to advanced practice in the nurse practitioner role.
  • Critically analyze the current literature related to interventions that address the problem related to communities from nursing, the sciences, and humanities.
  • Select an appropriate health promotion/disease prevention theoretical framework that applies to the problem.
  • Design an intervention to address the problem in the selected population/setting using appropriate epidemiological, social, and environmental assessments.
  • Design an evaluation plan to measure efficacy of the proposed intervention.

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