Healthcare Professional Practice Document

Healthcare Professional Practice Document

Write a 1200 word Professional Practice Document which demonstrates your understanding of the professional and ethical responsibilities of working collaboratively with Indigenous Australian people in a health context. In your document you will also reflect on and critically analyse specific elements of your standpoint in relation to health and how this impacts on your professional practice. In your document please include the following:

Section 1:

Critically reflect on the deficit paradigms of the historical and socio-economic factors of the health experiences of Indigenous Australian people. Explain how individual and collective health standpoints of Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australian people have contributed to these experiences.

Section 2:

Making reference to the Code of Ethics (sometimes referred to as Competency Standards, Professional Code of Conduct or similar) for your future profession in your description, identify and describe the principles or strategies in your code that relate to ethical conduct. If you can identify more than 3 principles, choose 3 as examples.

Section 3:

Reflect on your standpoint to explain how these principles or strategies can contribute to respectful partnerships when working with Indigenous Australian communities

Reference List (on a new page) APA 7

Please include these in the references


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