Human Resource – Case Study Analysis

Human Resource – Case Study Analysis

I’m a member of the HRM department in a large organisation with 3000 employees, based in the UK, which employs highly-skilled professionals with niche skill-sets requiring professional qualifications. In the last 18 months, the organisation has experienced high staff turnover and has struggled to replace many of those highly skilled staff. In addition, volume of work means that the organisation may have to create additional posts to cope with demand. The Management Board are worried that they will not be able to find enough staff to fill all the vacant posts, and that this may negatively affect the organisation’s future operations.

The Managing Director and the Board are considering a complete overhaul of the way the organisation recruits new staff, and intend to conduct a special board meeting to discuss alternative approaches to attracting new talent.

Produce a 1000 word briefing note with researches on using a Targeted Recruiting Approach, such as Head-Hunters, Industry Publications and Social Media Targeting etc.

Research and brief the board on the following aspects of this recruiting approach:

  • A general overview of how this type of recruiting works, and its main features, and the scope of targeted recruiting.
  • The advantages that this type of recruiting approach might offer to the organisation.
  • Any disadvantages or risks this type of recruiting approach might offer present.
  • Any budgeting considerations that should be borne in mind.
  • Example of which types of organisations might typically use this approach and why.
  • A brief summary of the key reasons for adopting this recruiting approach

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