Human Resources Plan of Action PowerPoint

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Human Resources Plan of Action PowerPoint

The hospitality industry is a customer service or people-based industry. Moreover, food and beverage service are a food-and-people segment of the hospitality industry. As a result, talent management is an essential function of a food and beverage service manager. Therefore, for this assignment you will focus on two major functions of human resources in food and beverage services: recruitment/selection and employee retention.



For this assignment, you own a sports bar that is located in a suburban area that is 20 miles outside of a major city. A major university is less than 10 miles away, and a community college is four blocks away. Many of your hires have been seasonal and are mainly students from the university. However, you have earned numerous recognitions over the years for service excellence and an exceptional menu.

Your suburban location has a dozen tables and booths (each seating up to six) in the main dining area. In addition, there is a large wrap-around bar that seats 32 and a small patio with a 16-seat maximum. You are contemplating remodeling the patio because you recently acquired the empty lot next to your bar and are considering designating the lot for additional parking. Keep in mind, last quarter you completed the build out for your second restaurant, a downtown location in close proximity to a professional sports team venue, and you are excited to open this restaurant.

However, in the last few weeks you have lost four employees: two servers, one cook, and a bartender. One of the servers gave notice that he was moving out of state after graduation in a month with his fiancé. Your second server did not feel that a career in food and beverage services was a good fit for her. Unfortunately, you had to let the cook go because of attendance and performance issues. More surprisingly and with little notice, you recently lost your best bartender to a competitor because he needed more hours and higher pay to support his family.

Employee retention is a challenge in the hospitality industry, and the succession of these changes in personnel could greatly affect your business. This is the most turnover you have experienced at one time since you opened your restaurant doors 3 years ago. More importantly, you also need to focus on staffing your new restaurant.


You will need to be proactive in finding qualified applicants. Once you find the applicants, it is essential that you create a process that is the same for all applicants so you can select the ones who best fit the culture of the organization. Lastly, once the applicants are approved, consider a plan for effectively managing them, which should include orientation and training, consideration for compensation and benefits, and performance management. Be sure to consider the issues you recently experienced in losing your recent employees as a part of your overall plan of action.

  1. Create a plan to recruit high quality applicants that best fit your organization. The plan must include specific strategies for attracting applicants that are internal as well as external to organization.
  2. Outline a selection process including samples of interview questions and the communication method(s) for applicants, candidates, and hires. Include the specific anti-discriminatory precautions that must be a part of the process.
  3. Devise a plan for effectively managing both new and existing employees. Include a summary of general training opportunities and best practice ideas for developing employees for leadership roles and responsibilities. Include an organizational chart of potential employees, including management.


Since there are legal implications for appropriately managing personnel, please be sure to use appropriate terminology in each of the plans and include any necessary legal considerations. The presentation should be 18-20 slides, including speaker notes, a cover slide, and resources.