Individual written Reflective Report

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Individual written Reflective Report

Assessment Task: 2A: Individual written Reflective Report (10 marks)

A reflective report not exceeding 3 pages must be prepared by each member of the group indicating the following:

  1. The component in the report done by the individual member.
  2. Number of meeting sessions had with the group.
  3. Concepts on marketing learnt by doing the report.
  4. Challenges and difficulties faced in the group exercise.
  5. A table consisting of the ratings in a 10 point scale of the contribution of each of the group members with ‘1’ being the least contribution and ‘10’ being excellent contribution.
  6. Critical analysis of a research based Journal Article on any one of the conceptual aspects learnt by doing your part in the report.


Use Harvard referencing to indicate the source, the title of the paper and the authors. Your critical analysis should be your personal (and honest) evaluation of and reaction to the article, based upon the marketing concept learnt during preparation of your part. A discussion of the key implications of the journal article is to be presented along with the critical analysis (Not exceeding one page-included in the 3 pages limit).

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