Language Test Analysis Report

Language Test Analysis Report

Language Test Analysis- Review and Evaluation of a Language Assessment


  • The purpose of this assignment is to measure your understanding and application of assessment theories and dimensions in relation to language learning based on our readings and discussions from Sessions 1-
  • You will evaluate a language assessment instrument in use in your classroom and or school based on your learning.  The instrument selected must be used to measure language proficiency, language use, or language acquisition.

Permission and additional guidelines must be obtained before choosing this option. Include a blank copy of the assessment as ‘Appendix 1’ to your paper.  Be sure that it is not a secure test. (Refer to Baker, Ch. 4 and Herrera, Ch. 5 for more examples).


Description of Test:

  • Briefly discuss the purpose, practicality, & psychometrics of the test.
  • What methods are used?
  • What does it intend to measure?
  • How does it take into account home language use?
  • Discuss wash back may occur and how it may affect the test.  (Refer to our text and relevant Brown chapters)

Application to Emergent Bilinguals:

  • Explain how the assessment views Emergent Bilinguals along the continuum of promise or deficit.
  • What are the test’s limitations and relevant applications for this student group?
  • For Emergent Bilinguals, does the test accurately measure what it is meant to measure?


  • Briefly describe the psychometrics of the assessment. According to the test designers, what are the intended uses of the assessment?
  • How is the test scored, and how should those scores be interpreted and used?
  • Does provide a holistic picture of student capacities and needs?
  • How can it be adjusted to better suit its purpose for Emergent Bilinguals?

Discussion of Validity:

  • Discuss the reliability and construct irrelevant variance of the assessment’s use for micro- and macro-level decision-making in relation to Emergent Bilinguals.
  • Based on your readings and interpretation, how should this test be used to ensure equity for Emergent Bilinguals?  Refer to the relevant Abedi and Mahoney readings.


All ideas must be cited using APA format.  A Works Cited page must all be attached to your paper following Appendix 1.

Formatting Instructions

All parts of your paper should double-spaced, typed in Times-Roman 12 point font, with 1-in. margins, and with page numbering on the bottom of the page alongside your last name (i.e., Suriel, pg. 1). PLEASE use the spell and grammar checks BEFORE you hand it in. Proofread each section carefully.  Quality of writing is a part of the grade on the project.

Length of Assignment

Considering the demands of the task, this paper should be 6 complete pages in length.  However, I am looking for quality instead of quantity.  As long as you have fulfilled the demands of the task.  Please refer to the rubric to guide your analysis and evaluation.

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