Marketing Management Discipline Discussion

Marketing Management Discipline Discussion

Week Two Assignment

Introduce your paper here in general terms. For example, ‘This paper will review three important marketing papers…’

Proposal Marketing Topic

Use one reference for this section – a new reference not provided previously that will support your topic. You may choose from any Marketing topic you want to delve into (examples: Customer Relationship Marketing, Social Media, Experiential Marketing, Market Research (unique approaches), etc.).


This is a short paper of no more than three paragraphs. Be crisp and brief.


You new reference is listed here – peer-reviewed article

The topic proposal should be 3 paragraphs identifying the current issues facing the marketing discipline that you wish to study.  This paper should be completed using APA formatting (in-text citations and references) – attach in a word document – no PDF Files.  Follow all Written Assignment Expectations.

Use subject headers for organization – Introduction, Conclusion and obviously specific headers to support content provided – minus 5 points if not provided.  Use ONE new reference (a reference never used before that supports your topic).  Minus points if more than one reference is used. This is a short proposal – not and in-depth paper.

APA format (1” margins, Times New Roman 12 font, double-spaced, and more)

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