Mexican Culture: Anita Brenner′s

Mexican Culture: Anita Brenner′s


To get an understandings of the range of people’s experiences you can attend a cultural event and reflect upon it in a 2 page paper. This must be a cultural you are not familiar with. The event is selected by you and you have a choice as to when you will attend.


Write a 2 page summary detailing the cultural even you attended. What was the even? Where was it located? Date and time? What did you learn about this culture? How did this even contribute to you understanding of differences?

Migration in search for better working opportunities led to the diversity in communities. In the USA, different races and native groups co-exist in the society. The American culture has become the overall way of life for all of these groups. Nonetheless, it is essential to remain connected to one’s background. Therefore, events and festivals are organized through the year where people can celebrate their origins. I attended the ‘Another promised land: Anita Brenner’s Mexico’ event that provided a rich history on the Mexican culture.

‘Another promised land: Anita Brenner’s Mexico’ is an event that takes place at the Skirball cultural center. The event was hosted between September the fourteenth and February the twenty-fifth. It showcases various aspects of the Mexican culture as Brenner viewed the culture herself. Normally, accessing the event requires a payment of entry charges that vary depending on one age and whether one is a member of the cultural center. However, on Thursdays entry is free. The event is open between midday and 5.00 PM.

The event pay focus on Anita Brenner’s work and her role in the Mexican culture. In her life, Brenner played an integral part in translating Mexican arts, culture and history in the United States. She provided a Mexican perspective on the expectations and experiences of fellow Americans when they migrated to the United States, another promised land. Brenner worked with other artists of Mexican descent to translate their culture and ensure that their ways were transferred to the future generations.

As such the event presents arts and visual Mexican culture in the perspective of this artists. The Skirball’s display provided an immersive ordeal of noteworthy disclosure and accentuate Brenner’s impact. She motivated other artists and was instrumental in acquainting the North American people with Mexican history and culture….End of Preview….

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