NUR131 Assessment Three

NUR131 Assessment Three


  • Utilising coroners reports to further understand the Australian Registered Nurse Standards and the importance of Ethics in decision making.

Length: 500 words and a 10 minuet PowerPoint presentation words +/- 10%.

The reference list is NOT included in the word count.

The NUR 131 Learning Outcomes addressed by this assignment include how to:

  • Explain the role and responsibilities of the registered nurse as part of the multidisciplinary healthcare team to attain culturally safe and quality health outcomes.
  • Discuss and reflect on the Registered Nurse standards and scope of practice in relation to other nursing and healthcare roles.
  • Discuss legal and ethical responsibilities of the nurse in diverse healthcare settings including mental health, aged care, remote health and medication management.
  • Identify and respond to legal and ethical issues in professional nursing practice in alignment with NSQHS standards.

Assessment Task 3 – Digital presentation.

Assessment Task: Digital presentation (500 words + 10 minute video)

Value (of total mark) :40%

For this assignment you are required to analyse the following coroner’s case.

Inquest into the death of Margaret Winter


You are delivering a presentation at a National Nursing Council conference addressing legal and ethical breaches and associated mitigation strategies.

Within your presentation, you need to:

  • Discuss the legal and ethical breaches that were made in the coroner’s case, linking to scope of practice, standards of practice, codes of ethics and other regulatory documents.
  • Choose one ethical breach that you identified and provide a discussion on how this might be prevented in the future.

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