Pediatric Nurse Career Projection Plan

Pediatric Nurse Career Projection Plan

Please provide us with the opportunity to know you better, and to see your style of writing by responding to this essay in 800 words or less:

  • Using APA format, provide a clear and succinct explanation using evidenced based literature to support your discussion, and we recommend that your essay covers all of the specialty tracks you selected on your application.
  • Describe the reason for selecting the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Nursing for graduate studies in nursing.
  • Explain your plans for pursuing the MSN degree.
  • Briefly summarize your background professional experience relevant to your specialty selection and rationale for the specialty selected and future career goals, and how does the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Nursing influence your decision.
  • If you have selected a second specialty option on your application, please address both your first and second specialty choices in order in your essay.
  • An account of the patient populations you have worked with and the roles you have performed assists in the understanding of your experience.

Reasons for Selecting the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Nursing

According to Global Leadership publication dating March 20th, 2018 by Jennifer Lollar, the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) School of Nursing is ranked amongst the top performing institutions with commendable programs in the United States University ranking as far as nursing is concerned. This institution takes the 8th position in nursing graduate and doctorate programs. Specifically, the University of Alabama at Birmingham has diversified its programs under different specialties such as Nursing Administration, Clinical Nursing, Pediatric Care, and Adult Gerontology Care. This served as a motivation and assurance to me in pursuit of my studies as a pediatrician in this institution. Practically, the human nature likes associating with success and being part of the team that makes this successful milestone is something worthy and commendable. In a nutshell, I may say, this success milestone lured me into choosing the University of Alabama. Secondly, the University of Alabama at Birmingham has well structured technological infrastructure to support pediatric nursing and other nursing programs, research, and clinical practices. Being a techno savvy, I was driven by the fact that this institution encourages student engagement and collaboration through classrooms fitted with device sharing technology, smartboards, and projectors that allow learners to easily share ideas and information with instructors and fellow students through interactive workstations. This defines the future of nursing professional where it is projected that new technology will be embraced to reach underserved rural patients through telehealth research and clinical operations within Alabama and its environments.

Plans for Pursuing the MSN Degree

My plans for pursuing the MSN degree are broken into four major sections. First, I would like to dedicate my time into studying pediatric nursing professional to obtain insight and knowledge as far as this program is concerned. During this period, I expect to have at least a four month’s internship where I would gain hands on experience and exercise my profession. After obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, I would enroll for a National Council Licensure Examination to obtain a permit in nursing. This will serve as a proof of knowledge and familiarity with basic nursing concepts and principles. The third significant stage would be getting certified as a pediatric nurse by the Pediatric Nurse Certification Board. In a way this will not only show mastery of pediatric nursing practices but also give an assurance of quality care in different facilities across the Alabama state where I aspire to exercise my professionalism. The final stage would be entering the workforce where I will engage myself into job hunting exercise in relation to my training and educational background.

Professional Background Experience

It goes unchallenged that pediatric nursing professional is a unique entity since it deals with children at a tender age and infants. To create a positive impact to patients of such nature, one needs to undergo a series of programs and professional coaching. As for my case in response to this career path, I have experience in nutritional studies which is a vital component in advising patients on different choices of food for a well balanced diet. Ideally, the choice of meals serves a significant role in shaping the health of a child and immune system to help prevent diseases such as kwashiorkor, marasmus, rickets, and others. Secondly, in my career path, I have served in the capacity of laboratory technician under children department back in my locality where I was tasked with responsibilities such as recording children’s height and weight, obtaining blood and urine samples, and diagnosing the patient. With such knowledge, I was able to gain insight in handing children with a lot of attention and care, and results interpretation skills. Contestably, working with children calls for patience and comprehensive understanding of their unique physical, cognitive, and emotional developmental patterns. Children may act out of fear and confusion while in pediatrician’s office thereby demanding a strong background in child development to create a safe environment for the child an establishment I take pride in.

How the University of Alabama at Birmingham Influences My Decisions

The University of Alabama at Birmingham has significantly influenced my decisions through its core values of excellence, professionalism, inclusiveness, and integrity. As evidenced by my plan above, I aspire more than just accomplishing a degree program. This goes hand in hand with the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s value of excellence which is defined as the highest level of achievement in education and practice. I consider being qualified and certified before rendering my services to the local community taking into account quality input. Secondly, I act professionally by taking a close look on nursing values and principles through socialization, evidence based knowledge, and collaborating with others. I can testify that I am accountable and responsible person, a virtue I have nurtured after joining the University of Alabama. Third, I am firm and strictly adhere to code of ethics and moral values. This proofs that integrity is my take as far as nursing professionalism is concerned. I work hard and study to ensure diligence and honesty in academics. Lastly, I embrace people from all spheres of life without discriminating anyone on the basis of gender, sexuality, race, political beliefs, spiritual perspective, physical abilities or other ideologies. This is a true reflection of inclusivity as championed by the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

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