Persuasive Essay – Legalizing Marijuana

Persuasive Essay – Legalizing Marijuana

Essay Question:

  • Persuade me about why marijuana should be legal in the United States.

To many patients suffering from cancer and AIDS, marijuana is one of the plant which is used to fight loss of appetite and nausea. Many people in America take marijuana as a plant which is only used for recreational purposes but the fact is that, marijuana is a plant which can be used to save many people’s lives if made legal in United States.  In that case, when marijuana is legalized in United States, the government would have introduced a new tool and weapon which is used for fighting illness. People should also be educated it’s purposed apart from recreation and how it can offer some medicine to many people for change of mind. Marijuana can also be used in making papers which can save cutting of trees, making clothes and producing medicine for sick people (Leshner & Stevens, 2021). Through history, marijuana is a great deal which can serve many purposes to benefit people. The only thing marijuana should not be legalized for is when people smoke for recreational purposes.

When health and safety is used to control the substance is implemented, marijuana used for recreations purposes could be regulated and made less dangerous.  When marijuana is legalized, it can help government in boosting the revenues due to high taxes they collect from drugs. From different perspectives, marijuana is less harmful than some drugs like alcohol and tobacco which are legal and have no any value to people and they even lead to death (Rettew, 2021). Marijuana when used for medicine purposes can out way the harmful side effects thus it should be legalized. In that case, people who are ill should not be punished for the suffering they undergo but they should use drugs prescribed by doctor for wellbeing.


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