Policy Change Portfolio

Policy Change Portfolio

Policy Portfolio:

Some shelters do not accept pregnant women who does not have kids with them. If they are only pregnant, they are not allowed in the shelter until they have their child with them.

Part 1: (2 Pages)

Description of the underlying problem.  Provide background and statistical information that elucidates the causes, scope, dynamics, and trends relevant to the underlying problem as well as who is impacted by the problem and how.

Part 2: (2 Pages)

Provide a history and summary of current bills/policies/laws existing to address the problem you identified in paper one.  Critique the bill/policy/law and its efficacy in addressing the problem. What issues is not being addressed and/or how is the current bill inadequate.

If there is no bill/law/policy related to your public policy focus, make an argument for the passing of legislation to address the problem.  How would your community, society, country benefit from the change you propose is needed? What supports you proposition?

Part 3: (2 Pages)

Create a document that presents your policy/bill/law. The position paper should describe the policy you are proposing to be passed or amended.  The third part of the portfolio should be combined with the other two parts of the portfolio and presented as a completed three-part portfolio as your final submission for the course.

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