Preliminary Assessment and Critical Reflection

Preliminary Assessment and Critical Reflection

Part One: Preliminary Assessment

Formal Assessment Task

Year 11: Ancient History (Stage 6)

An Investigation of an Ancient Site and Sources

Part A: Context

Year 11 course content has been well-structured to offer each student with vast opportunities for developing and applying their understanding of various approaches and problems involved when conducting investigations of our ancient past history. During class, the students learned the nature and types of various ancient sites and sources, comprising the contributions of scientific and archaeological methods to the comprehension of the ancient past through discovery and investigations. The students also learned and examined the fluctuating nature of archaeological excavations and recording methods along with the contributions and precincts of the ancient texts, iconography, and inscriptions. Finally, the students explored the problems associated with the reconstruction of the ancient past by examining archaeological evidence. The course historical skills and concepts content is integrated as suitable in the assessment. Using a combination of written and archaeological sources, each student will investigate different features of our ancient world history, including the archaeological sites, developments, civilizations, people, and events. The first task provides a great opportunity for the students to apply the class knowledge and historical skills in conducting an in-depth investigation of one ancient site and show their understanding of scientific and archaeological techniques.

Part B: Rationale/Aims

Ancient History seeks to engage each student in an in-depth inquiry of the life in the first civilizations based on examination and construal of the written and physical remains. The assessment will provide each student an opportunity of investigating the potential impulses and activities of people and influence the cultural, economic, political, and social backgrounds of the ancient world. This task seeks to stimulate the imagination and curiosity of the students. It aims to enrich their appreciation of humankind by presenting various beliefs and cultures to heritage and influence of behaviors, thoughts, and values, which are pertinent in our modern world. The examination of our ancient past will also develop their appreciation for the diversity of the ancient civilizations. The assessment requires the student to comprehend, apply historical conceptions and skills during their examination of the ancient world. Specifically, it will draw on the approaches employed by archaeologists and historians in exploring the past sources and communicating their interpretations and findings….End of Preview….

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