Prepare Research Report Proposal

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Prepare Research Report Proposal

Proposed problem

In the current business-world, workplace diversity is continually increasing. The phenomena can either be of positive results in an organization or a downfall depending on how its approached. The primary objective of a workplace is to maximize workers’ participation and productivity. Currently, the managerial department lacks the best approaches to manage diversity, a division of labour, productivity and accountability. As a result, there is a division among workers and lack of accountability which ultimately hinders performance. In this regard, I intend to address division, devoid of responsibility, and poor performance in my department and extensively in the entire enterprise. A PREVIEW: ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW


I recommend implementation of responsibility centres managerial approach. According to Han (2018) the approach entails categorizing the entire business into departments which work together and independently for a common goal. Each unit should be assigned a manager to be accountable for the entire time. The strategy can address the solvable problems emanating from mismanagement of workplace diversity when effectuated.

How would the workplace be made better?

Responsibility centres managerial approach make overall administrative mandate easier and effective. Every employee will be included in operations of the perspective department addressing the issue of inclusivity and participation. Similarly, the interaction between workers will enhance the exchange of different ideal hence utilization of diversity for the benefit of the organization. The departments will be accountable through their managers for any progressive issues and performance evaluation. When every member includes in the execution of business obligations while being responsible for their performance, the performance of the entire film will escalate through achieving of common objectives.

Decision maker

HR director of the entire organization is the targeted decision maker, particularly in the employee’s management perspective. HR director has the aptitudes and capabilities with the capacity of the position to change managerial approaches the best way possible. END OF PREVIEW: ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW


Han, Y. (2018, August). Implementation of Responsibility Accounting in Electric Power Enterprises. In 2018 International Conference on Information Technology and Management Engineering (ICITME 2018). Atlantis Press.

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