Reflection Paper- Impact of Stigma

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Reflection Paper- Impact of Stigma

Title: The Impact of Sigma on People with Mental Illnesses

Consider the following statement and conduct online research to write your paper. Reflect upon what you’ve read about stigma and its negative impact upon seeking professional help for emotional disorders. Consider and include the historical perspective of mental illness, the media’s influence on stigma, and the concepts of public and self-stigma.

Throughout history and in practically every culture, people with mental illnesses have been stigmatized. For many people, the stigma associated with their psychological disorder can be as difficult to deal with as the disorder itself. The subtle and not so subtle shame and ridicule that society places on people who have a mental illness is what often prevents individuals from seeking early treatment and from being accepted by society.


Your report must be computer generated, with a 12 pt. easy to read font, double-spaced. Do not use a bold font. Proof read your paper several times and use the spell and grammar check. If writing is problematic for you, consider using the college’s Learning Center for assistance.

This paper must contain the cover page, the body of the report, which needs be at least four pages, and the reference page (1+4+1=6 pages).

Do not submit papers with spelling and grammatical errors. Please use the grading rubric I’ve posted on Blackboard to guide you.

  1. Cover page: Your paper will contain a cover sheet with your name, the course name, the date, the name of the assignment, and my name.
  2. The body of the report: This section must be a minimum of three pages, containing information you’ve gathered from your research about the impact of stigma on the person who has been diagnosed, as well as their family. Cite the information you’ve discovered through your research, followed by your reaction to this information. Some questions to ask yourself in writing this paper are: What was my initial reaction to the information? Did my view change and why? Would I like to continue becoming familiar with this topic and why? It is not necessary to cite any references within the body of the paper but if you know how to write in APA style, please do so.
  3. Reference page: This page must be written in APA style. Use the link provided below as your guide. This reference page consists of the sources you’ve used. Cite at least four scholarly sources. Sources such as Webmd, Wikipedia, Psychology Today, and online sources without an author, are not acceptable and your paper will be graded down if you use them.

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