SCI 2336 Biology of Disease

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SCI 2336 Biology of Disease

CW1 –  Case Report

A Case Report is a publishing form, predominantly in medicine and biomedical research. It is a short, concise text describing a patient, a group of patients or a family with a highly unusual medical situation (rare disease progression, unusual treatment, new mutation in a well-known gene, disease occurrence in a region this disease is normally not observed…).

While in class, we will discuss many recent case reports from various journals allowing you an in-depths study how a case report should look like.

For CW1, tutors will prepare examples from at least 6 different cases (e.g. genetic data, blood analysis data, and pedigrees, images, if applicable) and provide these data on BB in due time. You will chose one case and write a case report of this single case. How to write a case report is explained in detail in the assessment brief on BB and will also be discussed in class.

Produce then a Case Report, based on the case data provided on BB. Write in a scientific manner suitable for publication and use proper, high-standard referencing. For highest marks, we expect at least 5-peer-reviewed references.

The Case report is expected to have a length of 800 words (+/- 10%) and MUST be submitted via Turnitin. Word-count excludes the following: references, all figure/table captions, all footnotes.

Weighting 40 % of the module mark
Learning outcomes to be met


1, 2, 3, 4

1. Identify the range of factors responsible for producing disease in humans

2. Relate the impact of these factors directly to the anatomy and physiology of the body

3. Analyse how these impacts generate symptoms in the body

4. Discuss how these diseases can be prevented or treated

Word Count 800 (not including figures, tables, footnotes and references)
Draft deadline 23 November 2018, 1.00 pm
Assessment Deadline 7 December 2018, 1.00 pm
Submission Method TurnitIn
Tutors Katja Martina Eckl, Jasmine Morgan


  • 800 words (not counting references, footnotes, captions)
  • Use page headings & page numbering
  • This is a Case Report –  a short paper one can submit to a scientific journal. It must be properly formatted and easy to read (consider sub-sections, paragraphs).
  • Subheadings
  • Figures and tables must be numbered and have a stand-alone caption
  • Use Harvard (or similar) referencing style
  • Use of good English language and grammar
  • Concise and scientific style
  • Read the assessment rubric before you draft your essay!



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