Solved Problems Set B Assignment

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Solved Problems Set B Assignment

This assignment requires you to submit the solutions to Problems and Activities 6, 7, and 11 on pages 101 and 102 at the end of Chapter 5.

Collier & Evans. (2017). OM6 (6th ed.), Mason, OH: South-Western Cengage Learning.

Problems and Activities 6

The service center for a brokerage company provides three functions to callers: account status, order confirmations, and stock quotes. The reliability was measured for each of these services over one month with these results: 0.80, 0.70 and 0.96, respectively. What is the overall reliability of the call center?

Problems and Activities 7

Two cooling fans are installed in some laptop computers. Suppose the reliability of each cooling fan is 0.98. What percent improvement in reliability does adding the second fan provide?

Problems and Activities 11

Choose a servicescape for a business with which you are familiar, and list key physical attributes of the servicescape, using the three subdimensions, and discuss their impact on customer service and value. Explain how the servicescape establishes the behavioral setting for your example.

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