Stage 1- English Communications

Stage 1- English Communications

Text Production: Narrative to Engage


The purpose of this task is to engage or entertain the reader.


There are a variety of images, themes and inspirations listed below from which you can choose.  You are encouraged to write an engaging and entertaining narrative. It is recommended that in order to do so you try imagine a narrative voice other than your own.

It is recommended that you plan your piece; draft your piece and ensure that your piece:

  • Is free of spelling errors and used correct grammar and punctuation
  • Has used descriptive words (theme words)
  • Has a good tone as well as uniform narration (first/third) and tense (past/present)
  • Has used a variety of literary techniques (symbols, metaphors, similes, colour)
  • That EVERY sentence makes sense
  • That you have put paragraphs in the correct places
  • Is free of run-on sentences
  • Has some form of ending or conclusion; comes full circle- that it feels complete
  • Has a twist, moral, message, uncovers or resolves something
  • Has characters that have learnt or grown
  • Uses a different voice


Assessment Criteria

KU2: Knowledge and understanding of the ways in which the creators and readers of familiar and unfamiliar texts use a range of language techniques and conventions to make meaning.

KU3: Comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the ways in which familiar and unfamiliar texts are composed for a range of purposes and audiences.

Ap1: Use of a range of sophisticated language skills to analyse and solve simple and complex problems, and to demonstrate creativity

C1: Fluent and precise writing and speaking.

C2: Use of appropriate style and structure for a range of mainly unfamiliar audiences and for varied purposes.

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