Student Affairs: Academic Advising

Student Affairs: Academic Advising


Each student will choose a functional area within student Affairs to research current events/trends within that area.  The student should approach this paper through the lens of ‘how has this unit changed/been reshaped/evolved over the last 5-10 years.  This paper will be 7 pages minimum and 10 pages maximum in length and must have 10 references (journal articles, periodicals, etc.) associated with it.  This paper should be written APA guidelines.  The cover page and reference page does not count towards your total page count.


  • Please make sure that you follow the guidelines. 
  • Your paper should have a cover page but no abstract. 
  • The cover page is not counted as a part of the total amount nor are any of your reference pages. 
  • If you have not selected a topic area yet, please do so ASAP.


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