University Admission Opinion Essay

University Admission Opinion Essay


  • Should universities accept students who have poor grades but are very creative? Why?

Write an opinion essay focusing on essay organization. Build on the existing structure on the next page

  1. 1x Introduction paragraph (see next page) (5 sentences minimum) (with the topic and background information and end with your thesis statement. (Example thesis statement: In my opinion the universities should ……., because …….)
  2. 3x reason paragraphs. Each paragraph explains one reason (see next page). (8 sentence for each paragraph). For each, write a paragraph with a topic sentence, and supporting statements and details)
  3. 1x concluding paragraph (see next page). (5 sentences minimum) (Start with a transition word (e.g. in conclusion, all in all, etc), reinstate the thesis sentence from the first paragraph. Add comments and/or recommendation.

Use these words and phrases where possible (not all the words are needed, just where it makes sence):

  • create, capable, explore, range, concept, design, motivate, relevant, a wide range, capable of expressing, basic concepts, main motivation, explore the possibility
  • Use diferent word forms of the selected words from the above list where possible (the following sentence is just an example, do not use this sentence in the essay):

For example: Children who create art benefit from this hobby later in life. Research shows that they are often more creative as adults, and creativity is linked to effective problem solving

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