UPS United Parcel Service of America Analysis

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UPS United Parcel Service of America Analysis

1. Introduction (UPS United Parcel Service of America)

2. Industry analysis

                             2.2 General outlook

                             2.2 Internal outlook

3. External audit

                             3.1 Economic force

                             3.2 Regulatory environment

                             3.3 Technological force

Part 2 and 3 talk about general delivery industry with general related with UPS, I need to show some datas about economic growth.

UPS United Parcel Service of America Analysis

1. Introduction

United Parcel Service of America (UPS) is the largest package delivery corporation and provider of supply chain management solutions in the world (Singh & Voss, 1992). The corporate headquarters of UPS  is in Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America. United Parcel Services of America was incorporated in 1930 and company provides home based ground and air package delivery services to clients. UPS customers services provide supply chain advantages of improved visibility, safety stock, reduced stocks, minimized transport times, and enhanced customer service rates (Singh & Voss, 1992). In 2016, UPS of America announced to establish a new package and delivery facility in France, to diversify its market base. This study seeks to carry out an industry analysis and present a report of the external audit of the company on economic growth.

2. Industry Analysis

Up to date, UPS is the world’s largest package delivery company and has diversified its operations into various industries which are; logistics, retail, industrial manufacturing distribution, consumer services, automotive, financing, and insurance (Grant, 2016). Under the sector analysis, this study will be based on the general and internal outlook of UPS.


2.2. General Outlook

UPS of America projects to attain steady growth globally due to its increased adoption of UPS solutions in the industries it operates. There has been an increasing trend in recognizing UPS systems as a critical backup to company’s success all over the world. The company offers specialty services in logistics to ensure technical repair, configuration, supply chain planning and returns management to customers in international markets (Grant, 2016). However, the firm faces competition in the global market. The competitors include Federal Express Corporation, DHL Worldwide Express, and United States Postal Service.

Below is a data representation about UPS on economic growth in the US. The graph shows a geographical mix of UPS package delivery operations over 22 nations.


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