Week 2 E-Learning Activity 6

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Week 2 E-Learning Activity 6

Week 2- Activity 6: Building a Cross-Cultural Web Design for a Wider Audience

Part 1

The Internet has made the world a global village where people from different cultures and backgrounds interact. Through the help of the internet, the world has turned out to be very tiny. However, this does not mean the world is turning as ab homogenous place. In other terms, people browse online to solve their issues and any other life problems that exist today (Ahmed, Mouratidis, and Preston, 2009, p. 48). ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW

Building a cross-cultural web design for a wider audience requires proper consideration of key items by the web designer/ expert. The key web design elements include:

  1. Website language: The web designer needs to ensure that the language used on the website is simple and understandable by people in an easy manner. Also, web pages need to be made of more than one language due to the increased number of global users.
  2. Design and looks are changing more often: Designer mind when creating the web design have to portray the national culture so as to be effective to all people. Also, the web design needs to have in mind the types of deals that can be shown on the website in a more effective way for people.
  • Color: Another design element of a website is color and needs to be taken into account when targeting people from different cultures, for there is a significant difference between cultural connotations of colors.

Part 2: Application of ideas

The most important thing for managers to get right in designing a website for a broad audience- even more than the design, navigation and color scheme; is ensuring that the website content is sufficient and appropriate (Smith et al., 2012, p. 180). Alibaba is a global company whose web design is appropriate and attractive to the customers. Its excellence in web design and development has made the company among the world’s largest e-commerce businesses. Alibaba’s web design is animated with different looks and color that change often. The website is designed in different languages that customers from different cultural backgrounds can understand easily and purchase goods and services online (Lee and Koubek, 2010, p. 340). Facebook is also another company whose web design appeals to all. The web designers have designed the Facebook App in a manner that it can get installed on all smartphones and even manual phones. The App is designed in a unique blue color and is always modified with new features that serve the broad/international customers in a unique way. The website language is adjustable to the most spoken and learned global languages. In this regard, the management of Alibaba and Facebook which operate in commercial and social industries has made stunning steps to designing appropriate websites that suit customer needs Week 2 E-Learning Activity 6….Read More…


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