Woman Centered Care Concept Map and Summary

Woman Centered Care Concept Map and Summary

Concept Map

You will need to research woman centred care, including the benefits and implications for midwifery practice to complete this assessment.

Woman-centred care is a way of working with women in a holistic manner that fully respects their physical, social, spiritual, and cultural needs on an equal footing. Doing this enables the woman to feel confident within herself and her body, and empowers her to influence her to have control over own childbearing experience. This is important for lifelong wellbeing and relationships within the family. There are many concepts involved in providing woman-centred care. To enable you to fully organise and structure your knowledge about woman-centred care, this task requires you to develop a concept map. A concept map is a graphical illustration of a topic or idea (in this case “woman centred care”) that enables you to depict the relationships between all of the concepts involved with the main topic or idea (woman centred care).

Practically, a concept map has the main idea in the middle (large box) and leading out from that are the main/general concepts (smaller boxes), progressing to more specific concepts (even smaller boxes) leading out from the main concepts and so on. Lines (crosslinks) are drawn to show relationships between concepts, and linking words are placed on the lines to explain the relationships.

The following is an example:


Construct a concept map explaining woman-centred care in relation to midwifery practice. Explore all aspects of woman centred care leading to positive outcomes, and possible outcomes where care is not woman centred.

Please refer to the rubric for expectations for this assessment.

References: You do not need to list references for the concept map


The concept map is allocated 30 marks (of a possible 50 marks for the combined Concept Map and Written Summary of the Concept Map)

Instructions for Written Summary Essay of the Concept map

Written summary of the concept map.

Task: Once you have completed the concept map, you now need to write a 600 word summary explaining woman centred care, as depicted in your map. Use the following as a guide and  refer to the rubric for expectations for this assessment.

Introduction (100 words)

  • Introduce the concept map, key concepts and links
  • State what the reader can expect to find in the rest of the summary (i.e. “This summary will explain….)
  • No references in the introduction

Body (400 words)

Explain the key concepts and how they interlink using evidence from the literature about woman-centred care and midwifery. Use references.

Conclusion (100 words)

  • Summarise the main points about women-centred care. This is where you show your understanding of woman-centred care.
  • Do not introduce new ideas in the conclusion
  • No references in the conclusion

References: 5+primary source references

Marks: The Written Summary of the Concept Map is allocated 20 marks (of a possible 50 marks for the combined Concept Map and Written Summary of the Concept Map)

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