02 Recycle Case Study Analyses

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02 Recycle Case Study Analyses

02 Recycle wants to do a Pay Per Click campaign. Refer to the website –https://www.o2recycle.co.uk/ to analyse it.

So we can do a thorough job we will start with only one advertising platform – either Google Ads (search advertising) or Facebook (social) Advertising. Your challenge is to provide a report on which platform we should start with and why you have come to that conclusion.


Ideally you’ll also be able to give some insight in to how best to spend their budget. You might like to consider the following:

1. The differences between AdWords and Facebook Advertising in terms of:

  • Ease of administering accounts
  • Costs
  • Market exposure
  • Targeting capabilities
  • The different strategic approaches required

2. For Google Ads: The types of search phrases (keywords) we should be bidding on – please provide an initial list of no more than 20 keywords as part of the report. Also, think about how other Google Ad targeting features such as audiences can help improve how you utilise these keywords.

3. For Facebook Ads: Choose the appropriate objective and most relevant ad type for the situation. Combine this with relevant interests, demographics and behaviours that are available to target on facebook and also other custom audience targeting features that can help reach the desired audience.

4. Ways we can generate good returns on investment

5. Website improvements that could help the campaign

6. Other assets (e.g. graphics, video) required for success. In addition please write two different adverts for each provider. Please make sure your adverts conform to Facebook and Google’s editorial policies. (note: there is no need to provide an image for any of the adverts)

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