16SMGB215 Customer Service Management

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16SMGB215 Customer Service Management

Customer Services Project Brief service Management projects 2500Words minimum

The project should be written in word format using the ACK style guide.

Introduction 250 WORDS

The Introduction should include the Airline Industry of your choice( choose from the 3 Airlines given) and a bit of history of the company.

The Duties of managers in the service Industries are never ending. The airline industry is one of the biggest service Industries in the world. In this project we are going to explore opportunities to create better service structures within this industry.

This project will analyses opportunities to retain customers at present and in the future, the past predict the future.

Airline Identified: Choose one.

  1. British Airways
  2. American Airlines
  3. Emirates Airlines

The project will be divided into 4 sections. This project is an analytical study, analyzing past situations and current situations also predicting future situations

Section 1. The organization, people and processes (500 words minimum 700 words maximum)

  1. Research the Organizations and write 500 words minimum explaining the culture of the organization and how they serve the service industry globally. What are their main focus in the service industry?
  2. What are the main duties of the service Managers in the airline industry?
  3. Are they customer centric and do they focus on all the needs of the customer?
  4. How do they manage to be successful as a service industry and retain their customers?

Section 2: The service delivered, past, present and future (500 words minimum 700 words maximum)

  1. In your opinion define how the customer services as a process evolved over the past 10 years and how do you think it can be improved in the next ten years. Focus on the service delivered to customers and service not delivered.
  2. Include a timeline showing the progress, you can use word or any other program of your choice.
  3. Example of a timeline is included, please use the shapes tab in word to create your own or use the Smart Art tab.

Section 3: The customers’ needs and wants , past, present and future (500 words minimum 700 words maximum)

Customer complaints and the handling of complaints – how can this change?

  1. Technology and other methods- Are they using new technology to the fullest?
    • Customer Retention plans during challenging times such as economic climate change

Section 4: Your opinion and analysis of current situation (500 words minimum 700 words maximum)

  1. You are required to identify the opportunities the airline have to improve their services. This could include any sections in the industry: Choose at least three from the list below.
    • Bookings and pricing options
    • Baggage
    • Lost baggage
    • Missed flights
    • Special needs
    • Food preparation
    • Inflight entertainment
    • Seating options
    • Boarding
    • Online Bookings

6. Conclusion 250 WORDS

Additional links you could use, but please use your own research. Most important that I want to see your opinion as well. As a manager you must show some initiative to come up with some ideas.

  1. https://www.retentionidea.com/top-10-customer-retention-ideas-airline-industry
  2. https://customerengagementmanagementintourism.wordpress.com/2018/09/30/why-is-customer-retention-important-within-the-airline-industry/
  3. https://www.britishairways.com/en-kw/information/legal/customer-commitment/our-customer-commitment
  4. https://www.bizjournals.com/dayton/news/2019/06/30/report-the-u-s-airlines-complaints.html
  5. https://www.chaordix.com/customer-stories/american-airlines/

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