4V Operation Analysis of CocaCola

4V Operation Analysis of CocaCola


The 4v operations and processes stand for volume, whether high or low, the variety of goods a company produces, variations in terms of changes in the demand curve, and lastly, visibility (Javaid, 2019). Visibility is the degree to which consumers get to experience the production process of the company. This essay is an analysis of the four vs. of the operations of the Coca-Cola Company.


An excellent example of the volume dimension is the Coca-Cola Company. The company is known to have a high volume, low-cost non-alcoholic beverages production and supply worldwide (Craft, 2019). This points to what quantity of a particular commodity is needed to satisfy the demand. When the demand is low, it translates into low volume activities. This means that there is no need for specialization as staff can handle more than a single task, as there is no pressure. On the other hand, high volume activities involve highly repetitive activities. Due to this nature, they can be computerized or automated (Sliwinska, 2018). Due to the high demand for Coca-Cola products, the production is automated in order to meet the demand. The company also monitors its warehouse to ensure that the production and supply are well managed.  An insider from the UK indicated that at least ten thousand bottles or Coca-Cola beverages are taken all around in a mare second. This shows how high the production volume is in the company. The continuous-flow method of production is employed in the company (Studies, 2019).


Customers are attracted to producers or rather manufacturers who spoil them for choice (Sliwinska, 2018) Coca-Cola company has a number of varieties when it comes to beverages. This sets a difference in the nature of operations between the company and another that produces only one or two varieties (Sliwinska, 2018). The company has set so many factories country-wide and usually has a huge number of employees. Some experts are always researching the products and doing taste trials on each type of drink. Companies that deal with only one type of drink do not necessarily need a big team of staff or specialists. Here, Coca-Cola uses a low-cost model, which is easily achieved by less variety. Coca-Cola, for example, has a unique and well-integrated supply chain network that ensures the proper….End of Preview….

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