A Companion vs Lone Travel Essay

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A Companion vs Lone Travel Essay

Travel exposes people to new world and social experiences. While some people value travelling alone, others value travelling with their companions. Travel experiences positively transform the manner in which people see and interpret things. Factors such as privacy influence a traveler’s choice whether to travel alone or to travel with a companion.

The nature of the world today has made some people value solo travelling. Instances under which people travel alone are; professional duties, personal matters, and privacy concerns. In some companies, employees are given the right to travel solo in line of their duties given the strict budgets set by these companies. In other occurrences, some people are anti-social and do not value having a companion or friends. Such private people feel uncomfortable and insecure in the midst of others and thus prefer solo travelling to travelling with a companion. In other situations, people travel alone for personal matters and goals such as desire for exposure in a new environment; such matters may include prayer and fasting.


In the other hand, most people value travelling with a companion. In this social world, travelling with a companion is more exposing, educating, and enjoyable nearly for all social beings. For example, married couples travel to learn the world as they discuss their marriage goals together. Also, families travel together to enjoy and have fun time which holds a great deal of reflection and remembrance in the future. A Companion vs Lone Travel Essay

In conclusion, travelling with a companion or friends is better than solo travelling. This is because people have fun, educate each other, explore more world opportunities, and avoid boredom in their travel experiences.


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