A Gendered Society- Essay

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A Gendered Society- Essay

Learning to be gendered by Penelope Eckert and Sally McConnell-Ginet disputes the theory that children distinctly fall into their gender roles as a result of the innate behaviors and also biological reasons. The authors blame the parents for raising the children in a much-gendered process. Additionally, the authors explain through a scientific approach the different ways in which children learn to act according to their associated genders. The surroundings that the children are brought up to affect their gender affiliations significantly. Boys observe how their fathers or male figures behave and in turn, will emulate them. Girls, on the other hand, follow the female characters in their lives and will try to perform or act as they do. Paragraph 3  analyses society has controlled to the point that it is either to a performance or an act. A Gendered Society- Essay

The gender separation of both boys and girls starts at birth. Immediately a baby is born, they are assigned their gender and, they are to conform to the gender norms for the rest of their lives. The authors use specific examples such as baby names to show how gendered society is. They claim that in communities that are English-speaking, not all names are sex inclusive and they….Show More Content….

Social interaction is also affected by gender. Individuals do not know how to interact if they have not attached gender to the individuals. Sexuality is deeply rooted in the societal practice regarding an individual’s understanding as well as the understanding of others (Eckert &McConnel-Ginet 739).  The gendered stereotypes are applied even in computer-generated speech with the computer’s voice being perceived as either male or female. Subsequently, people are used to the stereotypes to the point that they do not realize when they are progressing the gendered perceptions. Interactions are based on gender as well as personal and societal attributions of gender.


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