Academic English Assessment

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Academic English Assessment

Produce an essay on the following title:

‘The rules and conventions of Academic English have no place in a modern, twenty- first century society.’ Discuss.

This is an essay, so headings should not be used.

You will need to provide an introduction of approximately 150 words. Your introduction should set the scene for the marker with some background information and then outline what you will discuss.

The main body: undertake some research on the various viewpoints around the subject of Academic English. Your essay should then discuss a variety of viewpoints which critically argue in favour of the essay title and those against. Then, in the final main body paragraph, decide on and discuss the stronger argument (approximately 1200 words).
Provide a short conclusion of approximately 150 words which sums up your findings or main points, referring back to the title (do not include any new information). Your work should be cited throughout and a full reference list provided at the end. Academic English Assessment


Assessment Presentation

When marking this assignment, the academics will also be looking for the following criteria:

  • Clear legible presentation.
  • Good use of spelling, grammar and language throughout.
  • Appropriate focus, meeting learning outcomes/assignment criteria.
  • Logical progression and structure of arguments.
  • (Normally) an introduction, a well-developed discussion and a conclusion summarising the work.
  • The introduction will include an exploration of the focus of the assignment and discuss the way the assignment has been approached.
  • Evidence of a range of relevant supporting reading.
  • Use of accurate, evidence-based information to support the arguments made.
  • Follow normal Academic Regulations in terms of Academic Offences, style and language.
  • Use the Harvard system of referencing and may include a bibliography that lists all resources referenced.
  • A declaration statement which says you have checked your Turnitin originality report and certain that the work is your own (and has never been submitted for marking before by you, or anyone else)
  • Evidence of participation in the discussion forum.
  • Maintain the confidentiality of clients/customers and persons associated with them, colleagues and organisations

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