AES Coursework 1 Essay Outline

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AES Coursework 1 Essay Outline

Question Title: “Although many people are not convinced of the safety of GM (Genetically Modified) crops, many scientists argue that they are our best hope of solving a wide range of global problems.” To what extent do you agree or disagree? You may wish to reference factors such as the environment, health and the economy. Support your argument with relevant data and examples.

Word Count: Word Count (500-750 recommended)


Essay Outline


Background information:

  • Genetically modified crops were first introduced into the market in 1994 in the U.S.
  • GM crops can help with the development of countries in many various ways by solving problems that have been ongoing for ever.
  • GM crops has raised many questions about it’s safety in all aspects by the public, governments, and many other huge world organisations.

Connecting information (reason for writing):

  • GM crops = is the key to building a better future as it will offer many alternative solutions to our problems economic, environmental, and health wise.

Thesis Statement/Scope:

  • This essay will argue that the adoption of growing GM crops will help elevate the standard of living globally by improving the outcome of normal crops and allowing humans to leap straight over all the obstacles that could arise while growing normal crops.

Topic of main body 1: GM crops in solving problems that are harming the environment currently by the traditional crops.

Counter argument:

Use of GM crops may introduce more problems to the environment therefore solving some yet resetting us to the beginning as no positive improvement will be made.

  • Super weeds will evolve naturally that might be impossible to eradicate.


  • It has reduced the greenhouse gas emissions that effect global warming.
  • The reduction of using chemicals by farmers to maintain the safety of their crops.

Supporting points:

  • The technology has reduced pesticide spraying by 443 million kg (-9.1%) and, as a result, decreased the environmental impact associated with herbicide and insecticide use on these crops [as measured by the indicator the Environmental Impact Quotient (EIQ)] by 17.9%.
  • The technology has also significantly reduced the release of greenhouse gas emissions from this cropping area, which, in 2010, was equivalent to removing 8.6 million cars from the roads. AES Coursework 1 Essay Outline


Outline of the Essay

Topic of main body 2:  Gm crops

  • Counter argument:
  • Refutation:
  • Supporting points:

Topic of main body 3:

  •  Counter argument:
  •  Refutation:
  • Supporting points:





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