America Aeroneurosis Development Effects

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America Aeroneurosis Development Effects

How did the separation of the Americas from Aeroneurosis affect the development of ecosystems in the Americas? How were civilizations in Mesoamerica and the Andean region able to develop in different environments—that is, ones without major rivers—than those in Afro Eurasia?  Why did agricultural practices differ between Mesoamerica and the Andean region?


Clergyman Mather Byles, not Benjamin Martin, famously said “Which is better: to be ruled by one tyrant three thousand miles away or by three thousand tyrants one mile away?” in reference to avoiding the chance of going to war with the seemingly unbeatable British. Had you been present during these debates and part of any colony, what side would you choose, and why?

Letter Writing

You will be writing a letter to a friend or family member about your experiences as a soldier during WW2.

  • about your background, a few sentences
  • on how you were recruited,
  • which country you are being sent to fight

Paragraph 2- Be sure to write two or more sentences

  • Tell me about the trip to the new country,
  • which country you are fight alongside,
  • how it was in the trenches

Paragraph 3- Be sure to write two or more sentences

  • weapons used in the war and how it impacted you
  • how you felt while fighting
  • How you felt when the war was over

Paragraph 4. Be sure to write two or more sentences

  • Tell us about your return home to your country, family and friends and how your were treated
  • The impact this war will have on you as a person

Strengths and weaknesses of the Union and Confederacy and explain how these played out in the conflict by looking at key battles and events.

Why do think Wilson thinks it is important to consider “upon what terms it [the war] is ended”, rather than just settling with ending the war?

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