American Revolution to Christianity

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The American Revolution to Christianity

The article presents two essays that take sides to whether or not American Revolution produced a Christian nation. In the debate, Nathan Hatch holds that the American Revolution   and Christianity went hand in hand. On the other hand, Jon Butler believes that Christianity was not produced by the Revolution since before the Revolution, the colonists never referred themselves as a Christian Nation. So, did the American Revolution produce Christianity? I believe that this Revolution produced a Christian nation and expansion of evangelical Christianity that continue to reinforce the democratic impulses of the American society. Student Sample: ORDER PAPER NOW

In the article, numerous examples are offered by Nathan Hatch to justify how the American Revolution established a Christian nation. Nathan Hatch makes use of John Leland’s revivals as well as providing an expansion of numerous denominations that were evidenced after the Revolution occurred. According to Nathan Hatch, the American Revolution and Christian union could not get separated. Additionally, Hatch believed that churches helped in teaching the Americans acts of moral discipline and educating them about society ethics. Due to this, advanced knowledge and high moral standards of people in the society predated the laws of this new Christian nation and land.

According to Nathan Hatch, the elimination of authority contributed to the establishment of the colonists or lay people in the society. In the article, Hatch believes that it was the lay people who embodied the attributes of the church, and had the power to transform and convert the church norms into their beliefs and Christianity values. In his argument, Hatch holds that the Revolution created and laid a strong foundation and way for various religions to grow without any persecution by Americans who opposed a Christian national identity. From this point, more churches came up, and people exercised freedom of worship.

Additionally, the character of American politics reveals how a Christian nation was created by the Revolution. Hatch argues that the vitality of mass movements and religious ideologies enjoys a significant long-term impact….Continue Reading

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