Analysis of Walter Lee Younger

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Analysis of Walter Lee Younger

Walter Lee Younger Character Psychoanalysis

Hansberry’s play, “A Raisin in the Sun”, features very interesting characters. The main characters in the play are Ruth, Mama (Lena), Walter, and Beneatha. To me, the most interesting character used by Hansberry is Walter Lee Younger who is the protagonist of the play. The playwright utilizes Walter Lee in the representation of uninformed African family that is full of ambitious dreams. The major role of Walter in Hansberry’s play is the personification of the African American families. As per the author, African American families gamble a lot, and this leads them to complete failure. In this essay, the character of Walter will be properly analyzed using psychoanalysis theory. Psychoanalysis theory was founded by Sigmund Freud, and its concepts of personality development helps in the investigation and treatment of an individual’s unconscious minds.

In Hansberry’s play, Walter is seen to be shadowed by ignorance and greed attributes which hinder him from realizing the success that he wishes to achieve. Greed and ignorance are the major psychological conflicts that Walter Lee Younger is portrayed to experience in this play. In reference to psychoanalysis theory, Walter’s mind has turned to be unconscious due to his greed and ignorance, thus affecting his personality development. His greed is exemplified in the play when he talks about, “Check coming day.” (Hansberry 26). His hard headedness and little wisdom make him portray American success. As per Walter, achieving American success is realizable within a short period of time. Later, Walter Younger fails to achieve the American success that he has been hoping and states, “money is made out of father’s flesh.” (Hansberry 128). Analysis of Walter Lee Younger

In the play, Walter is presented to be emotionally and physically drained when he fails to achieve American success as he desires. Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalysis theory fits in his behavior since….Show More Content….

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