Annotated Bibliography Assignment

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Annotated Bibliography Assignment

Annotated Bibliography: 15%

Before you can begin your annotated bibliography, you need to choose your term paper topic.  Read the Term Paper Assignment carefully and choose your topic.  If you are having difficulty choosing one, feel free to email me or talk to me during class.  Once your topic is chosen, it will become clear to you what kind of research you will want to do to provide background for your paper.


For example, if you were to choose to write about how vampire movies have changed over the years to reflect how we think about humans, then you would need to research the genre (vampire fiction), the medium (how we interpret movies and their various information tracks), and a sociological or psychological theory about human nature.

You can use any of the readings we have been working with (such as the open source e-texts or articles I have linked in the PowerPoints), but you may also find useful information in the LRC databases.  Remember to choose a variety of research sources so that every aspect of your paper will be well-supported. Annotated Bibliography Assignment

For each of the readings you choose, create an APA ReferenceAlphabetize the list of References as you would for a Reference page.  After each reference write a 200 word summary about the reading that explains what the main point is and what the main supports and evidence for that point are.

This information can form the basis of your research for the final paper, so choose theories that interest you or that you think apply especially well to whatever game, movie, story or pop culture item you think you might want to write about later.  If you still only have a very general idea about your paper topic, don’t worry – you can use other theories in your paper if that works better when you get to it.  This assignment will still give you a strong base to start from.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me in class or email me.


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