Annotation Assignment Essay

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Annotation Assignment Essay

An annotation is both a critical investigation and a communication. Initially, writers interrogate a text: they search for what it means, and more importantly, how it creates meaning and how it conveys that meaning to readers. Then they communicate the results of their investigations to interested readers.

For this assignment, choose four potential sources to annotate.  Your annotations should include the following:

  1. The citation in correct APA format
  2. A paragraph briefly summarizing the text
  3. A paragraph or two that evaluate the text for useful information.
  4. This evaluation may answer the following questions:
  • Why is this text useful to my research?
  • How is this text useful (facts, stats, case studies, etc.)?
  • How is this text limited?
  • What specifically makes this a credible source?
  • What other information do I need to know to fully understand this text? (Example:  more background reading in a certain area.)


For this assignment, print out the sources you are assessing and mark up the article.  Use underlining or highlighting to mark important information.  Put a brief note in the column so you will know why this is important.  Put a question mark beside concepts you don’t understand or write questions in the margin.  Circle words you need to define further, etc.  Annotation Assignment Essay

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