Application of GVV Framework

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Application of GVV Framework

Part B – Application of GVV Framework

In this group task you will work with the same group members as for Assessment 2 – Part A. This task requires your group to consider an ethical dilemma that emerges at a workplace of your choosing. This workplace may be based on one of the companies analysed in Assessment 2 – Part A, another workplace or company with which you are familiar or a fictional workplace developed by your group. As a group, you are required to:

  1. Write a fictional scenario that describes the emergence an ethical/moral dilemma for stakeholders in a workplace of your choosing;
  2. Develop a script in which the central character in this scenario applies the Giving Voice to Values framework to the give voice to his/her values;
  3. Present your script to the class as a role play.

1. Scenario Development

Develop a fictional scenario that outlines the emergence of an ethical dilemma in a workplace of your choosing. This scenario should be written as a narrative piece of writing, similar in format and style to the GVV/Babson scenarios. Your scenario should describe a possible workplace situation that illustrates the emergence of this dilemma as a values conflict for one or more people. It should introduce the key stakeholders & characters, the key facts and the background information that has led to this issue.

Please discuss your scenario/workplace/ethical dilemma with your lecturer to ensure it is suitable for this task before you proceed with the development of your script.

Scenario – 25 marks (800 words)


PLEASE NOTE: The scenario and script are not the same thing.  The scenario introduces the key people, background and outlines the ethical dilemma.  The scenario ends with the ethical dilemma – that is, the central character identifies the dilemma but is not sure on what to do about it. The script starts with the ethical dilemma, demonstrates how the central character applies the GVV framework to address the ethical dilemma to achieve a more ethical outcome for the stakeholders. Application of GVV Framework

2. Script Development

Your group is required to develop a script in which the central character in your scenario applies the Giving Voice to Values framework in response to the values conflict or ethical dilemma identified in your scenario. Your script should include evidence that you have addressed the following questions:

  • What is the ethical dilemma/values conflict presented in your scenario?
  • Who are the stakeholders and what is at stake for the key parties (including those who disagree with you)?
  • What are the main arguments you are trying to counter? That is, what are the reasons and rationalizations you need to address?
  • What levers/arguments could you use to counter the reasons and rationalisations, to influence those with whom you disagree?
  • What is your most powerful and persuasive response to the reasons and rationalizations you need to address? To whom should the arguments be made? When and in what context?


Script – 50 marks (1500 words)

Marking Guide

Group   Group members  
Criteria   Grade
Development of scenario – 25 marks    
1.      Provides the reader with a clear description of the workplace, the main characters and stakeholders, the key facts and background information relevant to the ethical dilemma. 10  
2.      Clearly identifies the ethical dilemma and values conflict that has emerged for the central character. 5  
3.      Clearly identifies the stakeholders and discusses what is at stake for them. 5  
4.      Written as a narrative (similar in style to the Babson scenarios), which uses clear English expression, spelling and grammar. 5  
Total for Scenario /25  
Script for role play – 50 marks    
1.      Clearly identifies and addresses the ethical dilemma/values conflict raised in the scenario. 10  
2.      Identifies reasons and rationalizations that might be used to justify the questionable business action/practice/issue at the center of the ethical dilemma. 10  
3.      The central character is able to effectively give voice to their values by effectively using GVV ‘levers’ to present powerful and persuasive responses to counter the reasons and rationalizations. 10  
4.      Demonstrates the most appropriate and most effective use of GVV’s ‘say what, to whom, when and how’ approach. i.e. speaks to the appropriate stakeholders, using a respectful and considered strategic approach, and provides thoughtful (and helpful) suggestions etc. 10  
5.      Achieves a realistic outcome that demonstrates a nuanced understanding of interpersonal and professional communication and relationships, which avoids false dichotomies, ultimatums, stand-offs and contrived resolutions. Application of GVV Framework 10  
Total for Script /50  

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