We have all displayed behaviour that others would consider “challenging”. Think of a time you could not control your behaviour and answer the following questions.

  1. Pinpoint the actual behaviour that you were displaying.
  2. Describe in detail, how you felt in that moment? What was happening in your body?  What was going through your mind?
  3. What do you think was happening that contributed to this behaviour? Be sure to relate your answer to the factors discussed in class.
  4. Describe the reaction of those around you. What was helpful and what was not helpful?  How would you liked people to have responded?



Element of Performance Meets Expectations Meets some Expectations Does not meet Expectations Marks
Displays insight into factors that contribute to challenging behaviour Provides clear explanation for what factors contributed to behaviour described Context for the behaviour  is partially described Does not provide any context for the behaviour described.  




Relates concepts to personal experience Clearly links concepts covered in class to the incident they are describing. Describes an incident but does not make all relevant connections to class content Does not provide adequate description of incident or does not make connections  to course content.  


Identifies successful and unsuccessful strategies to support challenging behaviour Provides sound strategies for supporting this particular behaviour. APPLIED BEHAVIOUR SUPPORTS Provides some strategies to support this behaviour Does not provide any strategies to successfully support this behaviour.  




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