Art Totem Description and Reflection

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Art Totem Description and Reflection

Be sure that you can justify why you are adding each item onto your totem.

What does that item mean to you? What does it represent?


You might like to note answers to these questions down as you go. When you feel as though you have completely answered the question, stop, stand back and look at what you have created.

What do you see? What do you notice that perhaps you had not intentionally created? Photograph your totem Photograph your art totem. You need to upload a photo (or multiple photos) of your totem with your submission for this assignment. Please ensure that the size of the photos you upload is small enough that they can easily be viewed on a computer screen.

Written description Write a short overview of what each element of your totem means. Why did you include each element? What value does each element have for your? etc.

Written reflection Provide an overall summary of and reflection about the process of creating your totem, and about what the experience was like for you. Art Totem Description and Reflection

What does the completed totem represent? Can you make links to the literature? What is the value of your totem? The written description and reflection must not exceed a total of 1000 words.


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