Assessment 2 – Exchange Rate

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Assessment 2 – Exchange Rate

A 2500 words essay provides an opportunity for the students to demonstrate their general understanding on topics covered in the first 6 weeks. It will also enable students to get into more practical issues such as collecting data and carrying out some basic quantitative estimation. It accounts for 30% of the final mark.

This essay should include three parts required as below:

  • Summaries the history of the exchange rate regime of a particular country (10%);
  • Discuss three relationships that describe the behaviour of exchange rate (CIP, PPP, IFE) (10%);
  • Present your own data (monthly data for no less than 5 years) and estimation of PPP between a particular country and the US (10%).


Note: students will be assisted during the computer lab session in Weeks 8, 16 and 17 regarding data collection and estimation.

Assessment criteria

  • Appropriate structure and consistency/logic
  • Good presentation
  • Reasoned argument and conclusion
  • Scope of research
  • Originality
  • Critical Analysis
  • Good referencing

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