Assessment 2: Report

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Assessment 2: Report

For the purposes of this assignment, you are to consider yourself a member of an environmental consultancy team of two people (in certain circumstances when the class size dictates, a group of three can be formed). Your task is to undertake an environmental audit of the tourism or hospitality business (your client) that has agreed to participate in this project. Following the conduct of the audit and the analysis of the findings, your team will submit a report for assessment. Your team will also provide a copy of the report to your client. The Report should be around 4000 words (excluding List of References and Appendices).


In order to complete this assignment successfully you will need to undertake the following:

  • Establish your consultancy team of two, maximum three people, and register your consultancy team with your lecturer by Friday 22 March, 2018.
  • Develop a Code of Conduct for your consultancy team that has been agreed to, and signed off by, each member of the team and submit to your lecturer by Friday 29 March, 2018.
  • Obtain written consent from the business owner (client), using the appropriate form, that they agree to participate in the audit and submit this to your lecturer by 6 April, 2018.
  • Undertake preparatory work involving wide reading about environmental audits, their purpose, processes and protocols for undertaking them, and the criteria relevant to tourism and hospitality businesses.
  • Develop the team’s audit checklist and audit process.
  • Hold at least one (preferably more) meeting(s) with your client to discuss the audit process and to obtain relevant information and data from them
  • Undertake comprehensive observations of the business and property and record relevant information for use in audit
  • Once you have collected all the relevant data and undertaken the audit, your team is to produce a Report on the environmental sustainability of your client’s business. The Report should be structured the following way:

Title Page
Executive Summary
Table of Contents
Literature Review
Description of Business
Audit Findings
Recommendations to Improve Sustainability
List of References
(You are free to use appropriate sub-headings within these major headings in order to structure your Report).

I encourage you to make use of the textbook, the relevant readings, the topic notes as well as searching the Internet, via Google and also Google Scholar, as well as YouTube, in order to develop your audit instrument and your audit process. Assessment 2: Report

The topic for the report is “Ribs & Burger”, Pyrmont The Star Sydney.


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