Assessment 3: Cultural Reflection

Assessment 3: Cultural Reflection

1. Think about your academic focus and professional aspirations (Education, Nursing, Midwifery, Pysch, IT, Science, etc.) and briefly discuss how you can apply the content and concepts you have learned in this unit to your respective profession. What issues and challenges exist in your field regarding culture (how your profession treats the public, or it can be the culture/climate within your profession and how they treat one another), and how can you address said issue(s) with what you have learned in this course?

The content and concepts I have learned will help me in my profession by keeping me engaged and my mind and body active. The cultural unit can help me get the new and knowledge based on the world perspectives around us. It helps us gain new experiences by training our minds on how to handle a wide range of issues found within different cultural experiences. It also helps prevent some cultural differences and conflicts and allow the students and employees to have a better deal with the foreign colleagues and customers. This unit offers good training, knowledge, and skills of working effectively within diverse groups of people and how one can open doors wide despite cultural differences. The challenges and issues within the education field regarding culture include prejudices and stereotypes, Languages, beliefs and behaviors, bias and ethnocentrism. By learning about different cultures within this unit, I will address the issues by ensuring polite and clear communication, sharing the knowledge I have with others, and employing the diversity training around the institution to ensure that everyone is open-minded about the culture.

2. Harless (2018) says that “Breaching a student’s intellectual safety is, in fact, crucial to his or her growth” (p. 333). So, with that in mind, what topic/reading in this course offered you the most intellectual growth? And what about it stimulated you and broaden your understanding?

From the cultural topic, I found out that culture helps determine how a particular language is spoken. In that case, the unit has offered me a cultural ritual shaped by cognitive function abilities, thus bringing a huge impact on socialization that is not offered by the general society rules. The topic has also offered me intellectual growth by building my values, belief systems, language and understanding more about other people’s cultures and how they should be treated. The topic has stimulated and broadened my understanding by greatly influencing how I see the world, try to understand it, and communicate with other people. In that case, it has determined the great extension in learning and teaching styles within my profession.

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